Qualia: 'qualia' used to be defined only as perceptual qualities such as colour that we are passively aware of. Cosmic qualia psychology understands them as pre-perceptual qualities - sensual qualities of awareness which colour and shape our perception of phenomena. Qualia in this sense are the qualitative counterpart to energetic quanta. Whereas 'quanta' are qualitatively indistinguishable units of electromagnetic energy that can take the form of particles of waves, qualia are qualitatively unique units of awareness that themselves give rise to quanta as particular qualitative intensities. Like quanta they share characteristics of wave and particle, being field-qualities of awarenes. Different qualia correspond to different sensory and perceptual qualities such as light and darkness, lightness and heaviness, warmth and coolness, tone and texture, shape and substantiality. Examples of qualia are the sensed colour or tone of our moods, the felt shape and texture of our bodies. They are not just human psychological phenomena however, but the primordial phenomena or 'proto-phenomena' which find expression in all physical phenomena.

Cosmic Qualia Psychology: hitherto psychology has identified qualia either with perceptual qualites or with 'feelings', 'moods' or 'states of mind' that are the private property of persons - internal objects of consciousness. Cosmic Qualia Psychology on the other hand, understands 'persons' themselves as unique groupings or gestalts of qualia. Qualia have pre-personal, inter-personal and trans-personal dimensions, linking us to others and to the cosmos as a whole through a field continuum of awareness - the qualia continuum. The felt lightness and darkness of our mood, our felt warmth and coolness toward others, our felt closeness or distance are not merely feelings in the sense of internal psychological 'objects' of personal consciousness. They ae distinct qualities of our subjectivity from which our sense of personhood is derived. At the same time they correspond to elemental sensory qualities of nature and the cosmos, such as light and darkness, warmth and coolness, colour and tone. All physical phenomena, from atoms and molecules to cells and living organism are the phenomenal form taken by gestalts of the cosmic qualia - the latter being the very stuff of which our bodies and our sense of personhood are composed. Cosmic qualia psychology is the foundation of a Fundamental Science of qualia - cosmic qualia science.

Felt Sense: a term deriving from the groundbreaking work of Eugene Gendlin, who argued that meaning is not just a property of words or symbols something that is first of all directly 'sensed' or 'felt'. 'Felt sense' or 'sixth sense' is not simply felt sensation but the felt meaning ('sense') of sensory experience. From the point of view of cosmic qualia science, sense or meaning or sensory experience lies in sensed and sensual field-qualities of awareness it evokes or expresses. Thus a piece of music has a directly felt meaning or sense because its audible tones echo and evoke qualia in the form of different tone-colours and and textures of awareness. Science is essentially a sense-making or 'semiotic activity' which takes as its starting point the sign function of physical phenomena - their place within a larger pattern of significance. In doing so, however, it reduces the meaning or sense of phenomena to their signified sense - the way they fit or do not fit in with already established 'laws' of patterns of significance. It forgets that behind patterns of signified sense or meaning (for example words on a page) lies a world of direct sensed significance (our wordless sense of what those word mean). But the sensed significance of physical phenomena always transcends their signified sense, for it includes as yet unsignified senses and unmanifest patterns of significance. Felt sense or sensed significance is therefore a fundamental instrument of scientific research - giving access to a source field of potential patterns of significance latent within fields and field-qualities of awareness (qualia).

Fundamental Science: a fundamental rethinking of the nature of 'science', shifting the focus of scientific research from phenomena within our field of awareness to fields of awareness as such. It is based on the recognition that fields of awareness are not only the condition for our experience of the universe, but the source of all physical phenomena emergent within that universe ('emergent' being the root meaning of the term 'physical'). From the point of view of Fundamental Science, it is not energetic fields but fields, field-patterns and field-qualities of awareness (qualia) that constitute the fundamental nature of reality. Hitherto 'fundamental science' has been identified with quantum physics. The new understanding of fundamental science as a fundamental science of qualia - a cosmic qualia science - is not just a 'quantum leap' but a 'qualia revolution' in science, grounding quantum physics in a cosmic qualia psychology.

Fundamental Medicine: a new understanding of the nature of health and illness, based on a fundamental distinction between the physical body and physical disease symptoms of the patient on the one hand, and on the other hand the qualitative dimensions of their felt body and felt dis-ease. Neither orthodox nor alternative medicine distinguish between disease as a physical phenomenon and the primordial phenomenon it brings to light - the felt dis-ease and felt body of the patient. The felt body is the body as we are aware of it from within rather than the body as perceived from without. It forms part of a unified body of awareness composed of sensed and sensual qualities of awareness (qualia). The medicalisation and medication of a patient's felt dis-ease, its reduction to a physical condition of the body or brain, and its treatment through drugs and surgery is inherently pathological - the cause of countless iatrogenic (medically created) diseases and deaths.

Physical and Primordial Phenomena: the terms 'physics' and 'physical' derives from the Greek word phuein - to 'emerge' or 'arise'. Physical phenomena are phenomena arising or emerging within fields of awareness, and giving expression to potential field-patterns and qualities of awareness (qualia). The word phenomena derives from the Greek verb phainesthai - to come to light. A primordial phenomenon is a phenomenon in the primordial sense - that which comes to light through emergent 'physical' phenomena. From the point of view of physical science, phenomena such as music or the spoken word consist of measurable sounds waves in space. From the point of view of Fundamental Science, the physical phenomena is our sensory experience of sound as it emerges in our field of awareness. The primordial phenomena, on the other hand is what comes to light through physical phenomena, in this case the felt meaning of the words or music.