Uncovering the INNER UNIVERSE

"It is not just that such an inner universe is different from your own, but that any real or practical explanation of its reality would require the birth of an entirely new physics - and such a development would first of all necessitate the birth of an entirely new philosophy. The physics cannot come first, you see."

'INNER UNIVERSE' is a philosophical revolution in our very concept of 'fundamental science' - shifting the focus of scientific investigation from physical phenomena observable within our field of awareness to fields of awareness as such. It argues that awareness fields are the condition, not only for our human experience of natural phenomena but for their very emergence or physis - the root meaning of the term 'physics'.

A BOOK is a 'physical' object in outer, extensional space. At the same time it is the visible three-dimensional surface of an invisible and multi-dimensional 'universe' of meaning. This is a non-extensional or 'intensional' universe whose reality we enter only by letting our awareness flow into it - by reading the book.

THE OUTER UNIVERSE is, like a book, the extensional surface of an 'intensional' or INNER UNIVERSE, one consisting not of fields or 'quanta' of energy but of qualia - patterned field-qualities of awareness.

PHYSICISTS have so far failed to come to the philosophical realisation that their field models of the Outer Universe are metaphors of the Inner Universe. In turn, philosophers have failed to fully acknowledge the non-local or field character of awareness itself - identifying it instead with our own limited and localised human awareness.

AWARENESS is the very inwardness of energy in all its forms. Matter is its outwardness. Atoms, molecules, cells, and living organism are the outward, 'phenomenal' form taken by field-patterns of atomic, molecular and cellular awareness.

'INNER UNIVERSE' not only sets out the basic principles of Fundamental Science as a 'field-phenomenological' science of awareness. It also shows the radical implications of this science in fields as diverse as energy physics and cosmology, music and 'M-theory', biology and linguistics, medicine and psychotherapy, theology and theosophy.

THE KEY CONCEPTS of this new Fundamental Science are drawn from the 'fundamental ontology' of Martin Heidegger, the SETH books of Jane Roberts, the 'field-dynamic phenomenology'of physicist and mathematician Michael Kosok, Eugene Gendlin's philosophy of directly sensed meaning or 'felt sense', and biologist Rupert Sheldrake's theory of 'morphic resonance. These converge in a new understanding of both human scientific research and natural processes themselves as 'semiotic' or 'sense-making' processes.


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