The Inner Universe Contents
Fundamental Science or Fundamentalism?
The Sources of Fundamental Science
Fundamental Science and 'Therapy'
Fundamental Science and Theosophy
Fundamental Concepts
Fundamental Science and Technology
Fundamental Research
Fundamental Misconceptions
The Language of Fundamental Science
The Nature of Physical Science
The Nature of Phenomenological Science
Field-Dynamic Phenomenology
     The First Fundamental Distinction
     The Second Fundamental Distinction
The Fundamental Nature of 'Energy'
     The Third Fundamental Distinction
The Fundamental Nature of 'Probability'
The Fundamental Dynamics
     The Fourth Fundamental Distinction
     The Fifth Fundamental Distinction
Semiotics as Semio-phenomenology
     The Sixth Fundamental Distinction
The Nature of Fields of Awareness
The Fundamental Void
Fundamental Linguistics
     The Seventh Fundamental Distinction
Fundamental Biology
     The Eighth Fundamental Distinction
Fundamental Psychology
Fundamental Science and Felt Sense
The Dyadic Field
Fundamental Medicine
     The Ninth Fundamental Distinction
     The Tenth Fundamental Distinction
Fundamental Topology
Fundamental Science and Fundamental Ontology
Fundamental Science and Causality
Fundamental Science and 'Free Energy'
Fundamental Science and Entropy
     The Eleventh Fundamental Distinction
Fundamental Sounds
Field Envelopes of Awareness
Fundamental Science and Mysticism
Fundamental Science and M-Theory
     Fundamwntal Physics and Sembrane Theory
     The 12th Fundamental Distinction
Fundamental Science and Semiodynamics
Fundamental Thinking
Fundamental Identity
Fundamental Theology
     The 13th Fundamental Distinction
The Semiotic Confusion of Physical Science
Fundamental Research
Scientific Socialism and Spiritual Science
Essence, Elements, Ethers and Energies
Fundamental Science and Music
Intelligent Entities