Cosmic Qualia Science is the Fundamental Science of the future - a new form of qualitative 'phenomenological' research that will revolutionise our understanding of physics and physiology, medicine and psychology; integrating theology and theosophy, cosmology and musicology, aesthetics and 'aether' science.

'Phenomenology' is the understanding that the most fundamental scientific 'fact' is not the existence of an outer universe but our awareness of that universe. Yet the most basic 'fact' of current science is that it is unable, in principle, to explain a single qualitative dimension of that awareness - our perception of colour for example.

Cosmic Qualia Science is 'field-phenomenological' science - for it recognises that, like energy, awareness has itself a field character. It also its own intrinsic field-qualities or qualia. These are not simply sensory qualities such as color but sensed and sensual qualities of awareness comparable to the sensed color of our moods.

Qualia are not only psychological qualities of our own human awareness however. They are fundamental units of awareness - the very source from which all cosmic phenomena and quantised units of energy and fundamental particles arise. Like quanta they have both a particle and a wave character. Unlike quanta, however, qualia are each qualitatively unique.

Cosmic Qualia Psychology understands each individual's 'soul' or 'psyche' as a unique and ever-changing field-pattern or 'gestalt' of qualia. Qualia as such, however, are the aware and individualised inwardness of energy in all its phenomenal and material forms - sub-atomic and atomic, molecular and cellular.

Cosmic Qualia Physics understands how at certain quantitative intensities, qualia can manifest as qualitatively differentiated units of 'inner energy' or 'inergy' - the pre-physical energy units from all material bodies are composed, and which they in turn emanate.

Each individual forms their own physical environment from these inergetic units, transforming patterned field-qualities of awareness into perceptual patterns or gestalts.

Each individual is also inwardly linked to all others and to the universe as a whole through an inwardly unbounded field-continuum of awareness, the qualia continuum or 'Q-continuum'. All extensional space-time universes emerge from and within this non-extensional field-continuum - the INNER UNIVERSE or INNIVERSE of awareness and awareness gestalts.

Fundamental Research in Cosmic Qualia Science is based on the researcher's own direct field-resonance with the inwardness of phenomena - exploring different dimensions of the INNER UNIVERSE through the inner dimensions and qualities of our own awareness that link us directly to it.

The Qualia Revolution, Qualia Science and Qualia Research require a totally new form of human intelligence. In contrast to 'I.Q.' - the ability to 'figure out' complex surface patterns - this new form of intelligence is not a calculative but a Qualitative Intelligence (Q.I.), one based not on surface perceptions but on qualitative depth awareness.

Qualitative depth awareness has traditionally been associated with the arts and with religious mysticism rather than the physical and biological sciences. Qualitative Intelligence is the transformation of qualitative depth awareness into a new mode of scientific cognition - a qualitative depth cognition of the inwardness of outer phenomena.