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The New Gnosis Website
On 'Inner Bodywork' - a fundamentally new phenomenological and body-oriented approach to both psychotherapy and somatic medicine.
Alternatives to orthodox psychiatry and psychopharmacology and anti-psychiatry links. /
Dedicated to the fulfilment of Martin Heidegger’s hope that his thinking would "escape the confines of the philosopher’s study and become of benefit to wider circles, in particular to a large number of suffering human beings." Articles, book extracts and slide presentations by Peter Wilberg.
Cosmic Qualia Science and The Qualia Revolution.
Site on depression drawing on and including extracts from Peter Wilberg's writings on psychology, psychiatry and medicine.
The Dialectical phenomenology of Dr Michael Kosok, created in deep appreciation of his work on behalf of Peter Wilberg and Andre Gara.
Gostic politics, psycho-political awareness, subversive spiritual socialism.
archive of early christian writings including both apocrypha and 'gnostic gospels'.
Modern gnosticism and the international social revolution.
Information on the Seth books of Jane Roberts.
Introduction to Seth and the Seth books of Jane Roberts.
A web based and printed magazine forum to continue exploring and celebrating the ideas contained in the 35+ books published by Seth/Jane Roberts.
The secret teachings of the ancient christians: the website of author Timothy Freke.
Lisa Sarasohn and The Woman's Belly Book
Archives on articles on gnosticism and revolutionary politics.
Website and magazine embracing metaphysics, spirituality and revolutionary politics.
Exploring reality from outside the box.
Thinking after Illich.
Articles by Terry Boardman on the subject of the Third Way and Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophical vision of the Threefold Social Order.
The New Enlightenment, Journal of Socail and Metaphysical Enquiry.

Telos Press Ltd.
Journals published by Telos Press.
Abhinava Forum.
Indological Research Institute.
Yoga Research and Education Institute.
Kashmir Shaivism Fellowship.
Ananta Yoga Learning Centre.
An Abode for Hindu God Shiva on the Internet.
The Fifteen Verses of Wisdom.
The Inner Wisdom of the Hindu Tantrik Tradition.
Promoting the wisdom of Indian civilisation.